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Jen's Jams http://jensjams.iadoma.com Sun, 15 Sep 2013 13:59:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.1 Another Nail Sticker http://jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=104 http://jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=104#respond Sun, 15 Sep 2013 13:24:57 +0000 http://jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=104 I was browsing through an Avon catalog recently and noticed they were offering nail art stickers. I wondered about the quality of them, but wasn’t going to buy some just to test them. Lucky for me, my mom was given a package and brought them over!

My mom and the friend she got them off both didn’t like them. As soon as I saw them I realized I’d already seen them before!


On the right is Avon’s Nail Art. On the left is L’Oreal’s Nail Lingerie. It’s a little hard to see the L’Oreal, so let’s try an overlay:


They are exactly the same!! And I already know I didn’t like the look and feel of the L’Oreal. Both have really smelly adhesive (chemical-y). They also are very small – one strip is definite only meant to do one finger, so you could only get two hands and two feet out of one sheet. Oh, and they are most definitely the exact same thing. Not only are they exactly alike in shape and size, but they were both made in Korea.

So, for me there’s still no question about which nail stickers I prefer. Have you had any experience with other brands of nail stickers? Tell us in the comments!

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Curvy Nails? Try this! http://jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=96 http://jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=96#respond Tue, 10 Sep 2013 05:23:45 +0000 http://jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=96 They call this the “baggie” method and it’s apparently VERY good if you have curvy nails! If normal application techniques don’t seem to be working for you, try this!


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Applying Jamberry Nail Wraps http://jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=84 http://jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=84#respond Tue, 10 Sep 2013 05:19:08 +0000 http://www.jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=84 One of the most important things when it comes to Jamberry nails is to master the art of applying them. You may have no trouble at all and be able to apply them perfectly the first time you try, or you may need to practice. If you need to practice, don’t give up! It’s worth putting a little time into them. Give yourself some “me time”, put on a favorite show, get all your tools together, and just have fun. Before you know it it will be easy and the process will fly by!


These are the tools I use when applying my wraps. A nail file, cuticle pusher, nail scissors, alcohol wipes, and (not shown) my Jamberry mini heater. You can also use a hair dryer.


After making sure my nails are the length I want, cleaned with an alcohol wipe, and all cuticles are pushed back, I take my sheet of wraps and size them against my nails. It’s better to pick a wrap that is slightly smaller than you may think is right for your nail. You do not want any wrap to be touching the sides of your fingers or overlapping the skin at the bottom of your nail, so smaller is better. A bit of nail sticking out on either side is better than the wrap not securing properly, and from a normal viewing distance most won’t even notice any nail.


My nails are short, so I cut about a half of one strip off to use on one nail. Having a bit of extra is good as it gives you something safe to touch. You don’t want to touch the adhesive side of the wrap if you can help it, but holding it at the upper corner that’s not going to be used is fine. You can also use a cuticle stick to avoid touching it.

Here are the steps I use to apply:

  1. Heat the wrap for about 5 seconds.
  2. Position the wrap carefully on my nail, making sure the rounded edge is as far down on my nail bed as possible without overlapping my skin as well as nicely centered. If I have to (carefully) pull the wrap up to re-position, I’ll heat it up a little again first.
  3. Once it’s lightly placed and I’m satisfied, I push it down starting from the middle and going outwards and up the nail to ensure there are no ripples or bubbles.
  4. I apply a bit more heat for a few seconds, then apply pressure using the thumb of my free hand, rubbing over the entire nail. If I see any rippling I use the cuticle pusher to carefully rub the wrap and try to push the ripples out. If I used a wrap too big and I can’t get it to not stick to my finger, I’ll either have to pick out a new wrap or I can try to carefully trim the edge and re-stick it down.
  5. I then cut off the excess wrap and use a nail file to file off the excess and ensure the tip is smooth. You do this by holding the file at a 90 degree angle and filing lightly downward (never up or side-to-side). Be careful not to over file or file too roughly, as this can cause the vinyl to lift or become loose.
  6. For good measure, I apply a bit more heat then a bit more pressure just to make sure it’s all good.


Here’s my thumb after my application. In this shot you can see how a little nail peeks through, but it’s really not noticeable in person if you aren’t looking for it.


This is how much I have used after doing one hand. There’s enough for my nails to do 2 full (both hands) applications with the basic sizes, then I can cut out sizes from the larger strips to use as well if I’d like (I don’t often do my toes, but most of them can be done with scraps if I do choose to). So all in all, I can probably get almost 4 applications out of one sheet, if I’m crafty!


I LOVE the Raspberry Glimmer wraps! They are SO pretty. I’ll definitely be buying more glimmer types in the future. I wasn’t sure I’d care about solids since you can just get that with normal nail polish, but honestly.. I’m not that great at painting my nails without getting polish on my skin. Jamberry wraps look SO much nicer! Plus there is no harsh smell at all with these.

Here is the official application video and the official tips & tricks. I highly recommend viewing these before you start!



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Jamberry Nails vs Others http://jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=27 http://jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=27#respond Wed, 04 Sep 2013 19:14:41 +0000 http://www.jensjams.iadoma.com/?p=27 As of September 1st Jamberry Nails officially became available for selling and buying in Canada! I have always loved doing funky things with my nails and loved the samples of Jamberry nail wraps I’d tried in the past, so I’m excited to join with Jamberry and become an independent consultant myself!

Now.. in fairness, I’d never tried any other nail stickers before Jamberry. I’d seen pictures and heard reviews from others that made it clear Jamberry were superior in many ways, but I’ve decided to give two other types a try just so I can say I have first hand experience with them.

So, I went to the store intending to buy a package of Sally Hansen “Salon Effects” real nail polish strips. I was surprised when I was looking for those to find three other types of similar products! Two companies I’d never heard of before (Kiss and Essie) and something from L’Oreal called “Nail Lingerie” (really?). So, I bought a Sally Hansen and a L’Oreal. Why not try a couple types? I’ve also seen similar things for sale in a dollar store.. but is it really fair to compare anything against something that’s a dollar-store quality??

I also had some more Jamberry wraps left, so here’s everything I decided to try:

Nail Stuff

There were very little options in the L’Oreal line up. All that this store had was clear with some kind of flecked color design. Kind of boring, but I wanted to try the brand anyway. The Sally Hansen is a nice design and comes with a little file and cuticle stick, so that’s handy. The L’Oreal came with nothing but a single sheet of 18 stickers. The Sally Hansen has only 16 single nail polish strips. Both are noted as lasting “up to” 10 days. Jamberry has 18 strips per sheet but each strip easily does 2 applications if you don’t have crazy long nails. Plus, if you opt to not do your toes, you can cut the larger toe strips into smaller pieces to do even more nail applications. Jamberry also lasts at least 2 weeks on your fingers and 3-4 on your toes. But honestly, I’ve had a set of Jamberrys on my fingers that lasted a month! I don’t think that’s typical, but goes to show how well made they are.


Just showing everything out of the packages. You can see how the L’Oreal stickers are tiny and definitely only made for one nail (no cutting them to get two out of one strip).


Here is the Sally Hansen strip next to my Jamberry.  The size difference is pretty clear, but what I was really trying to get in these pictures is the fact that the Sally Hansen one looks like a cheap inkjet print job. Seriously! It’s slightly out of focus, a tad blurred, and really looks like someone just printed it out. Also, nothing compares to the shine of the Jamberry wraps! Normal ones are glossy, but these ones happen to have some metallic shine to them that is really nice. There are some matte options available too if you don’t want shiny nails, but glossy is very nice.

So the process for putting them on was very similar for all three types. They all start with the same rules: clean your nails well, make sure they are dirt, oil, and polish-free. Push back your cuticles. For someone with bad cuticles and/or oily nails, this process is extremely important for all three brands, so none of them at this point are any faster than the others.

The Sally Hansen wraps have plastic on top you have to pull off, then you have to break off the tab and pull off the backing before applying. I found breaking off the tab ripped the sticker a bit but I probably was being klutzy. The sticker itself felt really cheap. It was kind of like sticky, really thin paper. And it smelled like chemicals/nail polish. I guess that makes sense considering it’s a “nail polish” strip. The application wasn’t hard.. just make sure you get the right size, carefully start in the middle of the nail and push it down.. then stretch it a bit to make sure it doesn’t bubble. Trim and file the excess, and you’re done. Only problem I encountered was when I used the buffer (recommended) to smooth one down a bit.. it almost started tearing the sticker/rubbing it off, so I stopped.

The L’Oreal stickers were a bit like plastic wrap with decoration on them. They were also fairly easy to apply, but the finished product definitely looks like you’ve stuck plastic wrap to your fingers. It’s okay, but meh. Didn’t get my interest in the slightest.

Just for kicks I also applied good old fashioned nail polish with a sparkle top coat to a pinkie nail.


Here are two Jamberry nails (pointer & ring), the Sally Hansen (middle), and the normal polish on the pinkie.


Here’s a close up of the L’Oreal and Sally Hansen.


Here’s a closer shot of the Sally Hansen and Jamberry.


And here’s a good shot showing how the L’Oreal looks like plastic wrap.

So there you have it. Maybe I’m biased, but I truly do prefer the Jamberry nails. Oh, and also.. after having the nails on for almost a day now I can say the stink of the Sally Hansen has not yet gone away! It was so bad my husband even noticed while we were watching TV last night and it was making me nauseous. I’d like to just take them off but I’ll keep them just to see how long they last. Ick.

September 6, 2013

I took off the horrible Sally Hansen and L’Oreal nails today. I just didn’t like them at all.. plus, I got my new Jamberry nails today so I wanted to put those on instead. Here’s a picture of what the Sally Hansen & L’Oreal were looking like prior to removal:


So after two days the Sally Hansen were already starting to rub off pretty bad at the tips. I’m sure if I had of left them on longer it would have been worse, fast, but I could stand them anymore.. they still smelled funny even after two days.



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