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One of the most important things when it comes to Jamberry nails is to master the art of applying them. You may have no trouble at all and be able to apply them perfectly the first time you try, or you may need to practice. If you need to practice, don’t give up! It’s worth putting a little time into them. Give yourself some “me time”, put on a favorite show, get all your tools together, and just have fun. Before you know it it will be easy and the process will fly by!


These are the tools I use when applying my wraps. A nail file, cuticle pusher, nail scissors, alcohol wipes, and (not shown) my Jamberry mini heater. You can also use a hair dryer.


After making sure my nails are the length I want, cleaned with an alcohol wipe, and all cuticles are pushed back, I take my sheet of wraps and size them against my nails. It’s better to pick a wrap that is slightly smaller than you may think is right for your nail. You do not want any wrap to be touching the sides of your fingers or overlapping the skin at the bottom of your nail, so smaller is better. A bit of nail sticking out on either side is better than the wrap not securing properly, and from a normal viewing distance most won’t even notice any nail.


My nails are short, so I cut about a half of one strip off to use on one nail. Having a bit of extra is good as it gives you something safe to touch. You don’t want to touch the adhesive side of the wrap if you can help it, but holding it at the upper corner that’s not going to be used is fine. You can also use a cuticle stick to avoid touching it.

Here are the steps I use to apply:

  1. Heat the wrap for about 5 seconds.
  2. Position the wrap carefully on my nail, making sure the rounded edge is as far down on my nail bed as possible without overlapping my skin as well as nicely centered. If I have to (carefully) pull the wrap up to re-position, I’ll heat it up a little again first.
  3. Once it’s lightly placed and I’m satisfied, I push it down starting from the middle and going outwards and up the nail to ensure there are no ripples or bubbles.
  4. I apply a bit more heat for a few seconds, then apply pressure using the thumb of my free hand, rubbing over the entire nail. If I see any rippling I use the cuticle pusher to carefully rub the wrap and try to push the ripples out. If I used a wrap too big and I can’t get it to not stick to my finger, I’ll either have to pick out a new wrap or I can try to carefully trim the edge and re-stick it down.
  5. I then cut off the excess wrap and use a nail file to file off the excess and ensure the tip is smooth. You do this by holding the file at a 90 degree angle and filing lightly downward (never up or side-to-side). Be careful not to over file or file too roughly, as this can cause the vinyl to lift or become loose.
  6. For good measure, I apply a bit more heat then a bit more pressure just to make sure it’s all good.


Here’s my thumb after my application. In this shot you can see how a little nail peeks through, but it’s really not noticeable in person if you aren’t looking for it.


This is how much I have used after doing one hand. There’s enough for my nails to do 2 full (both hands) applications with the basic sizes, then I can cut out sizes from the larger strips to use as well if I’d like (I don’t often do my toes, but most of them can be done with scraps if I do choose to). So all in all, I can probably get almost 4 applications out of one sheet, if I’m crafty!


I LOVE the Raspberry Glimmer wraps! They are SO pretty. I’ll definitely be buying more glimmer types in the future. I wasn’t sure I’d care about solids since you can just get that with normal nail polish, but honestly.. I’m not that great at painting my nails without getting polish on my skin. Jamberry wraps look SO much nicer! Plus there isĀ no harsh smell at all with these.

Here is the official application video and the official tips & tricks. I highly recommend viewing these before you start!



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