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Another Nail Sticker


I was browsing through an Avon catalog recently and noticed they were offering nail art stickers. I wondered about the quality of them, but wasn’t going to buy some just to test them. Lucky for me, my mom was given a package and brought them over! My mom and the friend she got them off both didn’t like them. As soon as I saw them I realized I’d already seen them before! On the right is Avon’s Nail Art. On the left is L’Oreal’s Nail Lingerie. It’s a little hard to see the L’Oreal, so let’s try an overlay: They are exactly the same!! And I already know I didn’t like the look and feel of the L’Oreal. Both have really smelly adhesive (chemical-y). They also are very small – one strip is definite only meant to do one finger, so you could only get two hands and two feet out of one sheet. Oh, and they are most definitely the exact same thing. Not only are they exactly alike in shape and size, but they were both made in Korea. So, for me there’s still no question about which nail stickers I prefer. Have you had any experience with other brands of nail stickers? Tell us in the comments!

Jamberry Nails vs Others


As of September 1st Jamberry Nails officially became available for selling and buying in Canada! I have always loved doing funky things with my nails and loved the samples of Jamberry nail wraps I’d tried in the past, so I’m excited to join with Jamberry and become an independent consultant myself! Now.. in fairness, I’d never tried any other nail stickers before Jamberry. I’d seen pictures and heard reviews from others that made it clear Jamberry were superior in many ways, but I’ve decided to give two other types a try just so I can say I have first hand experience with them. So, I went to the store intending to buy a package of Sally Hansen “Salon Effects” real nail polish strips. I was surprised when I was looking for those to find three other types of similar products! Two companies I’d never heard of before (Kiss and Essie) and something from L’Oreal called “Nail Lingerie” (really?). So, I bought a Sally Hansen and a L’Oreal. Why not try a couple types? I’ve also seen similar things for sale in a dollar store.. but is it really fair to compare anything against something that’s a dollar-store quality?? I also had some more Jamberry wraps left, so here’s everything I […]